Kelly, who Broadwell may have been concerned was the general’s other “other woman,” has already lawyered up with renowned defense lawyer Abbe Lowell — former clients include John Edwards, former representative Gary Condit (in the Chandra Levy investigation), Bill Clinton during impeachment days and Loop Favorite/disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Kelly also hired famous crisis management guru Judy Smith of Monica Lewinsky and BP (the oil spill company) fame to handle any media fallout.

But it appears Broadwell has yet to set up a team, though she’s hired veteran Washington criminal defense lawyer Bob Muse.

Secondly, she’s likely known for months of potential trouble via the FBI investigation, but nonetheless had a birthday dinner last week at the superb — and very, very expensive — Inn at Little Washington.

Worst of all, she never bothered to even tweak her bio on the Web site of the Institute for Defense & Business, even though, while likely true, it could have used a bit of discreet scrubbing.

Broadwell, on the board of directors at the educational and training institute, had “unprecedented access to one of America’s most acclaimed leaders,” the bio says, referring to Petraeus, and she was “at his elbow in a war zone.”

And then: “Broadwell embedded with the general, his headquarters staff, and his soldiers.” Oh dear.

Please. Just changing a few words would certainly help.

On the other hand, Broadwell’s book is apparently faring well on Amazon’s best-seller list. On Saturday afternoon, it was No. 93 for all books, No. 1 for books on the military and the Middle East and No. 5 for biographies, though by Monday morning had settled down to No. 139 for all books.