(Courtesy Premier Collectibles)

He Tweeted a promotion this afternoon for a lovely boxed set of books penned by the big kahunas of the George W. Bush White House -- a group in which he generously includes himself. The collection, priced at $499, includes autographed copies of “Decision Points,” by former President Bush; “In My Time,” by former Vice President Dick Cheney; “Known & Unknown,” by Secretary Donald Rumsfeld; “No Higher Honor,” by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; and “Courage & Consequence,” by Rove himself.

The limited edition (there are 250 numbered sets) assembled by Premiere Collectibles bookseller comes in a leather case sure to complement the decor of your favorite Bush-o-phile. “Great Christmas gift,” Rove raved in his Tweet.

A couple of points here: These are some mighty strange book bedfellows, and some are at odds with one another. For example, Bush’s autobiography gave Cheney a smaller role than some readers felt he deserved. In fact, the former Veep is portrayed in a few unflattering anecdotes, such as when Bush considered dropping him from the 2004 ticket.

Cheney’s tome--like its author--ruffled a few administration feathers. In its pages, he took shots at Rice, who called his depiction of her “an attack on my integrity.”

Rumsfeld’s book, too, was unkind to Rice, but she didn’t return the fire in her autobiography. Her book, though it acknowledges differences with Cheney and Rumsfeld, treats their disagreements more mildly, steering clear of outright disses.

And then there’s simply the game of “one of these things is not like the other”: You’ve got the No. 1 and No. 2 guys in the administration, plus two Cabinet secretaries. So what’s Rove, whose highest title was a relatively lowly “deputy chief of staff,” doing on this illustrious list?

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson , who penned a memoir as well, would have been more at home in such company.

But who are we to quibble with some grand old gift-giving?