Meet the new Bush: George P. Bush is running for office. (Eric Gay/Associated Press)

It’s been an excellent week for political dynasties.

George P. Bush, son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, is running for land commissioner in Texas. It’s not exactly the most high profile of jobs, to be sure, but it’s a statewide race (good practice!) and a solid political stepping stone.

In addition to his dear old dad, with his gubernatorial resume — and possible presidential ambitions — George P. (can we skip the niceties and just start calling him “P” like we did with his uncle, “W”?) has an uncle and a grandfather, who’ve sat in the Oval Office, among other luminaries in the family tree.

Another family that could be expanding its political footprint is the Romney clan. Scott Romney, brother of former presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — and son of former Michigan governor George Romney and Senate candidate Lenore Romney — announced that he wouldn’t seek the Senate seat of retiring Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.).

But the 71-year-old attorney is suggesting another possible candidate: his daughter, Ronna Romney McDaniel, who the Detroit News says is mulling it over. Her political pedigree is extensive: Romney McDonald’s mother, Ronna Romney, also ran for the Senate in 1994 and 1996.

And in what could be the beginnings of a budding dynasty, Microsoft attorney Courtney Gregoire, the daughter of former Washington governor Christine Gregoire, was named to a spot on Seattle’s port commission.

Three cheers for political DNA! Or is it just good political grooming?