Score one in the name-game for former President George W. Bush. (Freddy Ford/AP)

In the name-game race, score another for the former Presidents Bush.

This week, both chambers of Congress cleared a bill naming a courthouse in Midland, Tex. after old 41 and 43. The bill, which is now awaiting President Obama’s signature, would designate the building as the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush U.S. Courthouse.

And not that anyone keeps track of these things, but that helps the Bushes in the informal contest among ex-presidents to see who can have the most stuff — buildings, parks, schools, etc. — named after them.

President Clinton earlier this year had the Little Rock airport named after him and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Former President Ronald Reagan’s name famously graces Washington’s airport, and former President John F. Kennedy’s is on one of New York’s.

President George H.W. Bush, too, has an airport with his moniker on it: the Houston Intercontinental Airport was redubbed the George Bush Intercontinental Airport-Houston in 1997.

H.W. Bush and Reagan each have aircraft carriers that bear their names, too.

Even though he’s lacking a major airport with his name on it, Bush 43 shouldn’t despair — the Little Rock facility was renamed more than a decade after Clinton left office, so perhaps he just needs to wait a bit. And he can always console himself by sitting in the George W. Bush Owner’s Suite at the Texas Rangers’s ballpark.