President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden pose with the full Cabinet. (Chuck Kennedy/The White House)

President Obama’s secretaries and their deputies are fanning the nation in the wake of their boss’s state of the union address to talk up his proposals — and, whadda ya know, their travels are mostly taking them to battleground states.

Our colleague Ed O’Keefe has the complete list of their itineraries so far, and here’s the takeaway: 11 of the 16 states to be graced with an administration emissary are considered swing states.

Commerce Secretary John Bryson, for example, is slated to be in Norfolk, Va., Wednesday, where he’s set to tour a mattress factory. A little luckier, climate-wise, is Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who’s in Tallahassee holding a town hall meeting at a community college.

Interestingly though, some of the planned trips don’t appear to have the potential for a political payoff, like NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s planned jaunt to Morgan State University in true-blue Baltimore.

Still, it’s interesting how official business so often happens in electorally significant states.