Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can’t even speak Pete Domenici’s name. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Hollywood has its share of high-profile breakups (are Jen and Justin really splitsville?), and here’s the Washington version: It’s all over between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former New Mexico senator Pete Domenici.

Reid dropped word of the rift during an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, saying he soured on Domenici after news broke that his former pal and longtime colleague had fathered a child 35 years ago with Michelle Laxalt, the daughter of then-Nevada Sen. Paul Laxalt, when Domenici was 46 and Michelle Laxalt was 24.

Reid said he turned down a meeting request by Domenici, with whom he served in the Senate for more than two decades. Apparently, he’s so upset that he can’t even bring himself to utter the man’s name. “I don’t mention Domenici’s name anymore because of what he did to Michelle Laxalt,” Reid told the paper.

But Domenici still hopes to reconcile, he tells the Albuquerque Journal. “Harry has been a longtime friend,” Domenici said. “I’m sorry for what happened 35 years ago, and I look forward to any opportunity to talk with him about these matters.”