Gina McCarthy, Assistant Administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Looks like someone at the Center for American Progress has an itchy trigger finger.

The think tank on Wednesday released a statement congratulating Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for air and radiation at the Environmental Protection Agency, on her nomination to lead the agency. We hadn’t heard a peep from the White House but CAP has close ties to the Obama administration, so we figured we must have missed something.

But wait... not so fast.

Turns out, there had been no nomination. CAP later sent a second message retracting the first. “The statement... was sent from us in error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused .”


One can imagine why they jumped the gun. After all, McCarthy’s selection for the post is a near-certainty — and even the Loop thought the annoucement from the White House would come sooner.

Consider it a practice run.