Uncharted journalistic territory. (BIGSTOCK)

But there are some thresholds even most journos won’t cross in pursuit of a story — like the bathroom door. Last night, one reporter’s zeal to get a quote from Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.) led her into distinctly verboten territory: the men’s room off the House floor.

Dreier apparently decided to play a little prank on the (female) reporters who were chasing him and pressing him for details about a possible emergency meeting of the Rules Committee, the panel he chairs.

Upon reaching the door to the loo, he playfully swung it open and jokingly said something to the effect of “come on in, we’ll talk about it.”

CQ reporter Rachael Bade assumed the door led to a private room and took a few steps in, not understanding why other reporters weren’t following. She quickly realized her error and made a hasty about-face, but took it all in stride.

“I totally fell for his little trap,” she tells us. “Everyone was laughing.”

Somebody tell her editor — points for effort!