White House Press Secretary Jay Carney accused reporters of “sloth.” (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Sloth? — The Fact Checker strikes again--and this time, his subject seemed to be asking for it. White House spokesman Jay Carney accused reporters of “sloth and laziness” in their reporting on President Obama’s spending, and showed them an article to refute them. Per our colleague Glenn Kessler, who awarded Carney three Pinocchios: “... he might do better next time than cite an article he plucked off the Web, no matter how much it might advance his political interests.”

A quiet exit — It’s curtains for Jeff Neely, the General Services Agency official who organized that lavish GSA conference in Las Vegas. He left the agency on Thursday, our colleague Tim Smith reports. Neely sure left a mark: “Not since Jack Abramoff has someone walked with such swagger,” Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) said during a House hearing on the scandal.

Recipe for scandal — The director of the Secret Service defended his agency’s culture, saying that nearly 60 percent of workers said they felt they could report bad behavior--but, as our colleague Joe Davidson points out, “45 percent apparently would fear reprisal, and that’s much too high.”

Flack flap — There’s been much ado over the PR contract that HHS has given Porter Novelli to publicize the preventive health benefits made available by the health-care reform law. Bonnie Goldstein discusses how the flak over the flacks is coming from both the right and the left for The Post’s She the People blog.