Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (M. Spencer Green/AP)

Mystery theater — There’s plenty of mystery surrounding the anti-Muslim film credited for sparking violence and protests in the Middle East. The contradictory reporting on its origins was “a carnival of confusion,” says our colleague Paul Farhi.

Rahm-bo and the strike — A timely profile of ChicagoMayor Rahm Emanuel, as he navigates a teacher strike. Peter Slevin reports on the former White House chief of staff’s notoriously brusque style: “It was clear that he was never going to be a warm and fuzzy mayor...Vowing to make Chicago work, he cruises for bruises, with a smile.”

Peer pressure — Facebook isn’t just for baby pictures and emotional oversharing — it actually can turn out voters. A new study shows that a message announcing which of one’s friends had voted made it much more likely that a user would vote, too.