Former Justice Department official Webster Hubbell talking to reporters in 1998. (KHUE BUI/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Hubble, longtime close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, did 18 months in a Cumberland, Md., federal prison in 1995-96 for bilking his old law firm’s clients of around $400,000. He was also indicted a few times by former Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr, who was reportedly squeezing him for information on Hillary Clinton.

The former No.3 official at the Justice Department, told us that “responsible” marijuana smokers refers to occasional users, as opposed to constant smokers -- something like social drinkers vs. lushes.

But we lost touch with Hubbell not long after that chat in January, 2007. Seems the former Little Rock mayor and chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court has relocated to Charlotte, N.C., where, according to his Web site — — he’s been keeping busy, very busy.

On his page, we see he’s a “lecturer, consultant and legal advisor” these days, as well as a founder of the Mark of Cain Foundation, which looks at the problems ex-felons have reentering society. It also appears that he does a fair amount of speaking to various bar and other organizations and may still be involved in insurance matters.

Records we found indicated that Hubbell, who wrote a book about his fall called “Friends in High Places,” isn’t living a lavish lifestyle but seems to be doing just fine, living in a nice rented condo with his wife, Suzanna.

So we called the other day to ask how things are going, but he demurred because he was driving. We learn on his other Web site — — that he recently went to Atlanta to attend his aunt’s funeral.

He also writes that June 21 was “the second anniversary of my transplant surgery,” though he doesn’t specify which organ was involved.

When he finally got back to us and we asked how he’s doing, he told us he couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to read about him. He politely declined to be interviewed.

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