Here’s what the Loop is reading Friday:

Name game — The Loop reported Thursday that the former Presidents Bush had scored big in the name game — that informal contest among ex-presidents to see who can have the most stuff named after them — with a courthouse bearing their moniker. Now it seems former President Clinton is keeping up, with the EPA naming its headquarters in his honor.

The year in lies — We love a good year-end roundup, and this one’s fun: The Fact Checker rounds up the biggest whoppers of 2012. Most were on the presidential campaign trail, and our colleague Glenn Kessler concludes that, in retrospect, “so much of the campaign was fought over trivial or inconsequential issues.”

Dear Santa — How the Postal Service handles those letters to Santa. It’s a little more complicated than in the days of “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Our cup runneth over — The Romeo of the Appalachian Trail, former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, is running for Congress. And there’s hyperventilation over a possible Senate run by actor Ben Affleck.

Oh, and this Bork-inspired bill about the privacy of your video rentals? It passed the Senate Thursday night.