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Here’s what the Loop is reading today:

Insult to injury — Madeleine Albright had those famous jeweled brooches, and... The graphic illustrating the blot clot in Hillary Clinton’s head shows the Secretary of State’s profile — she’s sporting the ponytail-and-scrunchie combo she’s been mocked for (a phenomena that she’s had some fun with herself.)

No sofa-sleeping for her, thanks — It’s refreshing to hear an incoming member of Congress dismiss the tradition of lawmakers sleeping in their offices (to save money! because they’re sooo frugal!). Said incoming Rep. Kyrsten Synema (D-Ariz.) to a colleague who thought he didn’t make enough to afford Washington digs and planned to camp out on the office sofa: “That’s dirty. Why would you do that? That’s crazy. ”

Hazing time? — Speaking of freshmen, it’s swearing-in day on Capitol Hill. Meet the new faces.