Glittery patriotic gear was in fashion at both conventions. (Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg)

Compare and contrast — The messages sure were different, but the Republicans and Democrats’ conventions looked more alike than you’d think. This nifty photo gallery places images of both events side-by-side.

TMI — And both conventions featured speakers sharing personal stories about health and other struggles, but some think they were guilty of Oprah-style oversharing.

No-show — So much coverage this week has focused on who was at the convention (Jessica Alba! John Hamm!), but our colleague Ed O’Keefe reports on who wasn’t there: Rep. Larry Kissell, the Democrat running for congress from a district near Charlotte. Why not drop by? “He is in a fight for his political life, and he comes from a part of the country where being a Democrat has become a huge political liability,” O’Keefe writes.