(Evan Vucci/AP)

Here’s what the Loop is reading today:

Kerry in the wings — Hints about timing on the new SecState nomination. President Obama will formally nominate Sen. John Kerry “within days,” and confirmation hearings are expected within two weeks.

Hey, dummies — House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s guest-starring in the final episode of “30 Rock.”Apparently, the typically strong-willed pol obeys at least one Bossypants: “I would do almost anything Tina Fey asks me to do,” Pelosi tells our TV Column.

Back in action — Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) got a hearty “Welcome back, man!”from Vice President Biden when he returned to Congress Thursday after suffering a stroke last year.

Somebody else’s headache — Not that there was a lot of suspense about it, but reports have Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner leaving by month’s end, regardless of what’s going on with the debt ceiling.