Democrats and Republicans might be fighting like cats and dogs on a variety of fronts, but furry pets seem to be one topic on which these natural enemies can agree — if only ever so briefly.

Among the rare bipartisan bills floating around Congress of late is the Pets on Trains Act, a landmark law that would allow Amtrak riders to schlep Fido and Fluffy along with their luggage while riding the rails.

Now, Amtrak only allows service animals on board its trains.

The pets-on-trains bill is sponsored by Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) with a whole slate of members from both parties signed on as co-sponsors, and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council is leading a lobbying push for the bill, urging pet lovers to contact Congress. “For many of us, our animals are family,” says CEO Mike Canning. “The Pets on Trains Act is a win-win.”

And what else would bring Democrats and Republicans together to mingle Tuesday night at a reception in the Cannon House office building? (Hint: They’ve got four paws.)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus are holding an animal adoption event whose invite promises photo ops with bipartisan “members of Congress holding adoptable animals.”


Seems they can agree on something.

Who knows, perhaps the uniting effects of all this might spill over to some of the bigger issues pending in the Capitol. (Cough) immigration (cough).