Kevin Yoder’s dip didn’t land him in hot water. (Eli Reichman/For The Washington Post)

Ask the members of Congress who splashed in its waters during a fact-finding mission to the Holy Land. The congressmen-gone-wild revelry, which was revealed in August, caused plenty of embarrassment all around. And yet none of the swimmers suffered any ill effects from the scandal during the election — so we can only credit those waters.

Every member of the group who faced an election on Nov. 6 bested his opponent. Even Rep. Kevin Yoder, the Kansas Republican who went the full Monty and skinny-dipped, was reelected.

Republicans Reps. Tom Reed (N.Y.), Jeff Denham (Calif.) and Michael Grimm (N.Y.) will be returning to Congress. Even Florida Republican Rep. Steve Southerland triumphed in a hard-fought race.

Only Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) lost his primary after taking the plunge — but he claimed to have only been in the water “for 30 seconds at most,” so the magic clearly didn’t have a chance to take.

Perhaps incumbents facing tough races might think about taking a swim?