Mitt Romney needs to use more “code words,” an advisor says. (Cliff Owen/Associated Press)

In a story Friday about the advice GOP hopeful Mitt Romney has been getting to gin up more excitement about his bid, we learn that one advisor suggested he step up his use of “conservative code words.”


In the story, by our colleagues Amy Gardner and Rosalind Helderman, we get a peek at more of the campaign-semantics game: The advice Romney’s getting includes “even to stop saying ‘enterprise’ when he means ‘business.’ (‘Does anyone know what that means?’ one adviser asked. ‘The public thinks ‘enterprise’ is either a car-rental place or Captain Kirk’s ship. It’s just a lot of annual-report talk as opposed to kitchen-table talk.’)”

Elsewhere, our colleague Chris Richards finds a gaping hole in the campaign-song playlist that President Obama’s campaign posted. Apparently, there’s soul and rock and country... but no hip-hop.

Richards reports that the president didn’t make the picks himself — but importantly, all the artists selected for the list were contacted ahead of time, so as to avoid the embarrassing lawsuits over songs plaguing a few of the GOP candidates.

And we’re excited about the Washington Post’s Peeps Diorama Contest — and this being an election year, we can only imagine the political possibilities...Newt Gingrich as a Peep? Bring it on.