Richard Cordray is President Obama's choice to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (Andrew Harrer/BLOOMBERG)

Is that a session? The kind that prohibits the president from making a recess appointment?

President Obama doesn’t think so—or thinks such things don’t matter when it comes to appointments. Obama named Richard Cordray head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today, our colleagues David Nakamura and Felicia Sonmez are reporting. The White House believes it has the authority to make the appointments to keep the government running, and called “pro forma” sessions like yesterday’s “a gimmick.”

The Senate has remained in pro forma session--not in recess--at the insistence of Senate Republicans, who wanted to use the distinction to block President Obama from making recess appointments--particularly Cordray.

Elsewhere, there was that whole Iowa thing Tuesday night. Dan Balz is already looking ahead to the next battle.

And in non-Iowa news, a degree in public policy means you have slightly better job prospects than an architect, but not as good as...a journalist? Yikes. Be sure to check out the graphic.

And in news sure to sadden all of us sleep-deprived, joe-addled Beltway types, the price of your addiction is going up (and no, we’re not talking about PAC money).