Retiring Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) at a House committee hearing last year. (Mark Wilson/GETTY IMAGES)

The departure of the Republican from Indiana is great loss to reporters everywhere, including this column, where Burton’s efforts were always great fodder.

Kane included some of Burton’s greatest hits during his zealous — some say overzealous — pursuit of President Bill Clinton and Clinton administration officials in the 1990s: from shooting watermelons in his back yard to examine bullet angles related to the suicide of a top White House aide, to issuing subpoenas of the wrong man to releasing false tapes of an imprisoned Clinton confidante.

But the criticism of the story, mostly from former Republican aides, said Kane failed to include numerous wonderful gems, such as: Burton’s having an extramarital affair and a child born out of wedlock when he was in the Indiana legislature; his scheduling a hearing in Los Angeles at just about the same time as he was playing in the pro-am portion of the 2000 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in Palm Springs; his skipping 19 House votes in January 2007 in order to play again in that golf tourney, and so forth.

Hey, sometimes you run out of space, you know?