Giant panda Mei Xiang — the proud mom. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Best news of the day: National Zoo welcomes new baby panda!— It happened Sunday night.

Romney edge on deficit slipping — Gov. Mitt Romney has always held a substantial edge over President Obama on one issue: reducing the deficit.

But two recent national polls show that edge slipping, our colleague Zachary Goldfarb reports. Romney’s once-huge advantage — eight to 17 points — has virtually disappeared, according to recent Washington Post-ABC and CNN polls, to 47 percent for Romney to 44 percent for Obama.

Iran admits forces are in Syria — Senior Iranian official says elite forces are there to help beleaguered Assad regime but only in an “advisory” role. The first-time public admission of Iranian military involvement fuels concerns that fighting has become a regional conflict.

The wolves are back — After three centuries of hunting and trapping decimated the wolf population in the lower 48 states, the Obama administration says they are pretty much fully recovered, to about 6,000, our colleague Juliet Eilperin reports.

Of course, that means they can now be hunted, which hardly sits well with the administration’s environmental allies.