Connie Mack and Mary Bono Mack are splitting, but they’ll still be working near one another. (Jerod Harris/GETTY iMAGES)

As our colleagues at the Reliable Source report today, a drastically changed work life might have contributed to the demise of the marriage between former Republican Reps. Connie Mack and Mary Bono Mack (they both lost their elections in November).

And while they’re no longer colleagues and soon, they’ll no longer be spouses — the two may still share an address. The respective firms they went to work for after their losses just happen to have offices in the same K Street building, only a floor apart.

Potential for awkward elevator run-ins: high.

Bono Mark took a job at Faegre BD Consulting, while Mack was snapped up by Liberty Partners Group. Both companies have offices at 1050 K St., NW., a large multi-unit building typical of those along the lobbyist-laden corridor. And while that coincidence might once have meant the couple could share a ride to work or schedule a quick lunch together, now, it’s a recipe for possible uncomfortable encounters of the exes.

In happier times, the couple both had offices located on the first floor of the historic House Cannon Office Building.

Neither returned the Loop’s e-mails, but here’s hoping the building where they now work has at least a few elevators.