Breaking congressional fashion news: beanie hats are so in this season. Particularly those with goofy propellers perched on the top.

Noted trendsetter Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) sported such a chapeau today during a hearing before the Natural Resources committee. From his spot behind the dais, the colorful hat with the spinning ornament made him look a bit like an aged extra from the set of the Little Rascals.

It wasn’t simply a sartorial statement, though.Young announced on his Facebook page that the new look was meant to be a jab at the Obama administration (and, indeed, the hat bore a pin that read “Obama Energy Policy”). “Today I wore a hat to symbolize the ‘Obama Energy Policy’ while questioning Interior Secretary Salazar on the Interior Departments actions toward developing Alaska’s vast oil and gas reserves,” he wrote in a status update.

“This is our Congress at work,” one member of the audience smirked.

As for the latest craze in headwear, we’re not certain we’ll give it a whirl.