She’s ready for her close-up ... Loop fans might recall Sophia McCrimmon, the eighth-grader from Hanover County who was a winner in our contest to predict the outcome on Election Day.

The 13-year-old nailed the electoral results, accurately predicting that President Obama would win with 332 electors.

Her prediction prowess attracted the attention of her local CBS affiliate, which featured the teen in a news segment. “I was really excited,” she told WTVR about winning the contest.

In the interview, McCrimmon revealed a secret weapon in picking winners (she also prognosticates on football) — her pet guinea pig, Coco, who also got a cameo in the segment.

We’ve got a Loop T-shirt in the mail for McCrimmon (sorry, none for you, Coco), which we can only hope is a huge hit with the kids at school.