Elizabeth Warren is offering the chance for folks to outsmart her policy team. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

He calls her “Professor Warren.” Subtext: See! She’s one of those ivory-tower elitists! And he has bashed her Harvard salary (“How very uppah-crust!” the truck-driving Bruins fan seems to be crowing.)

Warren, though, isn’t running away from her smarty-pants rep. In fact, she’s doubling down with a fundraiser Wednesday night outside Boston daring folks to match their brains against her crack staffers in a trivia match battle royale.

“Come Test Your Wits against Elizabeth Warren’s Policy Team” the invite taunts. Luckily, the prices are such that even a public-school grad might afford them: $20 for an individual and $100 for a team.

Would-be attendees should hope that the categories don’t include topics of particular Warren expertise, like “The Fine Print of the Bankruptcy Law” — or “Scott Brown’s Voting Record. ”