EPA administrator Lisa Jackson (Andrew A. Nelles/AP)

After asking all EPA appointees there to stand up, she said: “Everyone who wants my job, stand up!”

“I know you’re out there Brad Campbell!” she said. Campbell, a Clinton enviro official who succeeded her as head of the New Jersey EPA, has been mentioned in the trade papers as a candidate.

Jackson also mentioned Jeff Holmstead, a Bush II EPA official and Mitt Romney adviser who could have gotten her job, adding, “Sorry about that.” She quickly confessed she “really wasn’t sorry” that the election dashed his hopes.

Holmstead told our colleague Juliet Eilperin Thursday that he was “flattered” that Jackson “has been following my career. I just hope she has also been following the president’s statements of support for U.S. coal, oil, and natural gas.”

No doubt she has.