Obama EPA nominee Gina McCarthy will have to stay home. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s pick to head the EPA, has a new reason to be irritated about having her nomination held up in the Senate: it’s causing her to miss out on what sounds like a fantastic conference in scenic Los Cabos, Mexico.

It will be acting director Bob Perciasepe, instead, who participates this week in the meeting with leaders from Canada and Mexico to talk about environmental issues. Sure, it sounds like participants will be plenty busy with sessions for the Council for the Commission on Environmental Cooperation, which will focus on “greening transportation in North America, adapting to climate change and addressing hazardous waste across the continent,” according to the EPA.

But surely they will have some down time to take a dip in the ocean (the conference takes place at a waterfront hotel ) and they at least will catch sight of the spectacular views on coffee breaks.

Perhaps Perciasepe can send McCarthy — who is among the White House nominees still awaiting votes in the Senate — a few photos. Our suggestion for a rub-it-in caption? “Wish you were here!”