Get comfortable, because we’re in for more of the same in the GOP race. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

First, Newt Gingrich followed up his loss by vowing that the nomination fight would continue...for another six months. Then, Romney went on CNN Wednesday morning and made the kind of tone-deaf gaffe we’ve come to expect from him — the kind of mistake that made the once-invincible-looking former Massachusetts governor vulnerable to the surges of various rivals.

Romney, our colleagues at The Fix note, firmly shoved a Gucci loafer in his mouth by declaring that he’s “not concerned about the very poor,” because they have food stamps and the like.

Favorite line from this morning’s paper: “How you like me now, FEC?” — Comedian Stephen Colbert’s reaction to the news that his super PAC (started presumably as a gag) has raised over $1 million.

And whatever else his strategy might be, Gingrich shouldn’t count on a certain rock anthem to fire up his supporters. Our colleagues at the Reliable Source report that the former House Speaker is being sued for copyright violation by the author of the song “Eye of the Tiger” for playing the tune at political rallies.