Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx may be making a new hire. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Sarah Feinberg, the former White House staffer who’s now the director of policy communications for Facebook, is said to be a top candidate to be chief of staff to new Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

We hear that Feinberg is under consideration for the job, though no official offer has been made. Neither Feinberg nor a DOT spokeswoman would comment.

It’s not a done deal yet — other candidates, including an internal one, might be in the mix, too.

Though she’d be new to the transportation portfolio, it’s thought that Feinberg, whose career as a Democratic aide included stints working for former congressman and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, could help Washington newbie Foxx navigate Beltway waters.

Foxx, the former mayor of Charlotte, N.C., has few close Washington connections, and isn’t expected to bring a cadre of staffers with him to the job, unlike some Cabinet secretaries (think of Secretary of State John Kerry, who lured a handful of his former Senate aides over to Foggy Bottom).

Several agency watchers predict there will be more stability than disruption in the DOT ranks under the new management.

After heading up communications for the House Democratic Caucus and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee while Emanuel was its director, Feinberg followed her boss to the White House, where she was his senior advisor and a Special Assistant to the President.

She has since held private-sector jobs at Bloomberg and Facebook. Feinberg is married to top Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer, though the two separated in 2011 when she moved to California to take the Facebook job.

The chief of staff position isn’t a Senate-confirmable one, so there’s no hurdle there... so maybe she’ll have a second act in the Obama administration.