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Diplomatic circles can be dangerous terrain. Like nature, they may be red in tooth and claw.

Take the bloody international incident that played out in the otherwise civilized environs of the genteel Foxhall neighborhood, where the ambassadors of Belgium and Spain occupy lovely adjacent residences.

A family of foxes had made its home on the grounds of the Belgian ambassador’s residence, says a person who spoke on condition of anonymity. There, the mother fox and her little kits were adored by the ambassador and his wife.

All was well until a clash with a rival raccoon family dwelling in the yard of the neighboring Spanish ambassador’s home, the person says. The mother fox apparently killed the raccoon babies and fed them to her own young.

Quelle horreur! Wars have begun on lesser grounds.

Belgian diplomat Joris Totte tells us that indeed, the ambassador and his wife have been delighted to host the fox family. In fact, they’ve even taken great pains to protect the four-legged clan from party-goers attending functions at the residence, and the ambassador, an avid shutterbug who enjoys nature photography, has snapped many photos of the wildlife.

And the Spaniards confirm that there’s a fox that’s known to roam the grounds.

But the incidence of intra-species violence remains shrouded in mystery. Totte says — as do representatives of the Spanish embassy — that there’s been no fox-on-raccoon violence that they know of.

Do we detect an international cover-up?