George Clooney fans lined up early — but not early enough — to catch his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday.

Wednesday, when megastar George Clooney came to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the nasty situation along with border between Sudan and South Sudan, was no exception.

We urged you Tuesday to get there early if you wanted to get in. Probably should have been more specific, like “really, really early.” Obviously some folks didn’t get the message. A Loop Fan on the Hill took this shot via iPhone at 9:30 as staffers waited outside, hoping to snag a seat. And Clooney wasn’t scheduled to be on the first panel at the hearing, which was set for 10 a.m.

Clooney, a dedicated human rights advocate, was in Sudan last week to view the destruction caused by the Sudan military’s bombing in the border area.

At the hearing, Clooney—sporting a salt-and-pepper beard— urged the committee to go after the regime’s bank accounts and his project to use satellites to track military movements and attacks and shine a spotlight on them. He’s being joined on the panel by veteran Africa expert John Prendergast of the Enough Project.

A source said the line outside the hearing room could best be described as “orderly but enthusiastic.” Curiously there were a fair number of male staffers in the line. Well, the subject matter is quite serious.

Perhaps they want to hear from Prendergast?