The Gingrichs like their baubles, but his latest accessory is more substance than style. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“He wore a pin representing the Revolutionary War battle flag of Gen. George Washington and told his audience about its historical significance,” our colleagues Philip Rucker, Amy Gardner and Rosalind Helderman report.

Sounds fascinating, professor.

Elsewhere, we found a tidbit in Carol Morello’s Style piece about retired FBI agents’ unhappiness with the movie “J. Edgar” that we’ll file in the folder marked “Things We Did Not Know Existed”: apparently, there’s a listserv of FBI retirees called “xgboys,” a name in honor of J. Edgar Hoover’s dog.

Also, lawmakers just don’t know how to quit earmarks, and The Fix is looking at who had the worst year in Washington. There’s a long list of contenders (and they’re not even counting Bruce Boudreau or Redskins fans).