Newt Gingrich’s inspirational tapes: worth another listen? (STEVE NESIUS/REUTERS)

Remember Gingrich’s GOPAC tapes, those recordings (on actual cassettes!) circulated among Republicans long before everyone used e-mail? Horowitz does. In them, he notes that Gingrich advises using language to establish “the core definition...of who we are.”

Might be worth a new listen.

Elsewhere, there’s intense lobbying, negative ads, and excessive campaign spending.... gotta love politics, right? Oh, wait, that actually describes the Academy Awards. Our colleague Ann Hornaday has a story today about new rules governing Oscar campaigns that would be familiar to any political operative.

And for document geeks, our colleague Jia Lynn Yang has a great annotated breakdown of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s just-released tax returns.

And now a friendly word of advice from... Capitol Hill fixture Peter Bis. Bis is the homeless man who greets passerby at the corner of Massachusetts and 2nd Streets, NE, and here’s today’s salutation: “Three days to the weekend, no skinnydipping. And remember, State of the Union’s tonight!”