Coiled razor wire lines the fences at Camp Delta, securing the detention camps in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

The latest complaint is that there’s a rat problem plaguing the compound. The alleged infestation — along with the accompanying rat feces and some nasty mold — has prompted defense lawyers for Khalid Sheik Mohammed to seek a delay in the alleged 9/11 mastermind’s pre-trial hearings, the Miami Herald reports.

Seems conditions in the offices designated for the detainees’ legal teams are less than pleasant. “Defense personnel have complained about the mold, rats, and rat feces for more than a year,” the attorneys said in a filing.

Loop fans might recall that a while back, there were reports of cats at Gitmo — specifically, that a detainee had said that another, cooperative detainee had been given an adorable kitten as sort of an in-house perk, a reward for cooperation.

And cats are a deterrent to rats. So, perhaps the answer to Gitmo’s supposed rat problem is... kittens for everyone?