Newly minted D.C. attorney Gloria Allred, right, with client Sharon Bialek, who accused Republican presidential contender Herman Cain of making unwanted sexual advances. (Richard Drew/AP)

Philandering politicos around town, start quaking in your wingtips. And maybe call your lawyer.

Fair warning:L.A.-based Gloria Allred, attorney to many a woman involved in a high-profile controversy, was sworn in on Monday as a member of the D.C. bar. Which means ... well, not much, for the moment.

Allred tells us that she’s not working on any particular case that would bring her to our fair city. But she frequently does business here, she says, and rather than operate on a “pro hac vice” basis (meaning each time she comes before a D.C. judge, she gets a one-time waiver), she decided to go all in.

She didn’t have to take the D.C. bar, but rather used a waiver process designed for attorneys already practicing other states.

Allred cheered the fact that there were three women on the bench of the D.C. Court of Appeals, where she was sworn in during a Monday ceremony, along with plenty of fellow female attorneys. “That’s something you wouldn’t have seen when I was sworn in to the California bar 38 years ago,” she said.

Allred’s storied career has included going up against powerful men on behalf of the women who claim they’ve been done wrong. Clients have included Sharon Bialek, the woman who accused former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of a sexual harassment and Natalie Khawam, the sister of the woman who blew the whistle on CIA Director David Petreaus’s affair.

Should ne’er-do-well men around town worry now that she’s poised to take on a local case at a moment’s notice? The typically bombastic attorney’s unusually coy reply: “I’ll leave that to them to decide.”