Here’s what the Loop’s reading this morning:

GSA video capture from Las Vegas Conference. (Screen Capture from Video)

Got our goat — Say what you will about the guy who green-lighted that splashy GSA conference in Vegas, he did have one great penny-pinching idea. “GSA credited Neely last December for saving money by hiring a herd of goats — instead of bulldozers and crews — to clear outgrowth and underbrush on a hillside near a Pasadena courthouse,” our colleagues Ed O’Keefe and Timothy Smith report.

Tales of the clip — Lesson for federal workers: joking about a federal investigation might seem funny at the time... This video, produced by a GSA worker and shown at the now-scrutinized conference, was meant to be a parody--but no one’s laughing now.

Which war? — Caterpillars, contraceptives, and country clubs, oh my! Our colleagues Karen Tumulty and David Nakamura have a smart take on the ‘war on women’ and the women’s vote.

Hairy decisions — From the department of who knew, the Reliable Source reports that a widow’s peak (like that of Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan) is an electoral asset.