Rick Santorum, left, and Mitt Romney talk Syria—but not so much jobs. (Jae C. Hong/AP)

And speaking of parsing words, the folks over at the Pentagon are pulling off some semantic gymnastics. In the debate over the military’s budget, budget-trimming has many monikers, reports our colleague Greg Jaffe, including “a goofy meat ax.”

Elsewhere, our colleague Felicia Sonmez overheard a delightful nugget from a GOP event at which Rick Santorum spoke. The workers packing away the chairs from the event, sponsored by the Tucson Tea Party, apparently discussed an alternative candidate than the ones on the slate: Sheldon Adelstein, the wealthy backer of former House speaker Newt Gingrich.

And our friends at the Fact Checker fact-checked the heck out of last night’s GOP debate—they identified a “blizzard of dubious statements.” And there have been so many debates this cycle that the Fact Checker says many of them are “oldies but goodies” by now.

The Reliable Source is on the hunt for possible tipsters who might be able to confirm comedian David Cross’ claim that he snorted cocaine at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2009. He says he ducked under the table, located only a few yards away from where President Obama was sitting and powdered his nose.