Jon Huntsman campaigns Sunday in Bedford, N.H. (Evan Vucci/AP)

Since then, Manchester Union Leader columnist Garry Rayno writes in his weekly “State House Dome,” “not one presidential candidate would sign” it.

Scott, whose new book, “Thinking Beyond Gridlock,” surveys the damage the current political gridlock inflicts on the country, says he sent information to all the campaigns but no one was willing to sign up.

Former Utah governor John Huntsman “was the only one who actually engaged me in conversation, Scott told Rayno, but Huntsman’s campaign said he wouldn’t sign any pledge.

Scott, a former Newport, N.H. state representative, introduced Huntsman at an event In Newport last week, but President Obama’s first ambassador to China was not signing up.

Well, gridlock is a problem but we’ve always thought a “spirit of civility” generally has been overrated. Still, somewhat surprising a compromiser like Newt didn’t make the pledge.