Here’s what the Loop’s reading this morning:

Former ambassador John Bolton is stumping for Mitt Romney in Maryland. (Eli Meir Kaplan/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Fool’s paradise — We get the satire of a news report this weekend that Mitt Romney had ceded to Rick Santorum, quoting the former Massachusetts governor saying he has “no chance” to win the general election. Totally unlikely. But not everyone got the April Fool’s prank.

Also punked in the spirit of April 1 was Romney himself. Staffers arranged for him to appear at a campaign event for which there was no audience, our colleague Phil Rucker reports. Embarrassing, if true--but then the accomplices shouted “April Fool’s!” and all was well.

Look out for green slime — First Lady Michelle Obama dodged the green slime at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday. She presented an award to country singer Taylor Swift for the musician’s volunteerism.

Quotes of the Day: “He is like an art film that everyone in the artistic film community loves, but it bombs at the box office. He has a small, very passionate following that shouts bigger than its size.” — John Feehery, a Republican strategist, quoted by our colleague Nia-Malika Henderson on the topic of Ron Paul’s narrow appeal.