Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

Half full/half empty — Bummed out by the grim picture of the economy you’re hearing about from Mitt Romney? Tune in to GOP governors around the country, who are campaigning with sunnier assessments. Our colleague Dan Balz examines the mixed messages.

Quote of the day — “It is so unthinkable that an official would actually step down to spend time with his or her family that this must be a cover for something else.” — Per the Reliable Source: Former State Department director of policy planning Anne-Marie Slaughter in an Atlantic essay “on how career-obsessed Washingtonians assume that anyone who decides to get off the fast track must have been forced by failure or disgrace.” Slaughter left State last year to, yup, spend more time with her family, and laments that “women still can’t have it all.”

Lilac ladyHere’s the video of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showing her lighter side during the swearing in ceremony for her Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs, Mike Hammer. She jokes that she doesn’t own a purple pantsuit to honor Hammer — who favors lilac hues — and so she dons a novelty pair of purple cats-eye glasses and Mardi Gras-style beads.

Paging Texts from Hillary...