Al Kamen

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday. (Kevin Lamarque/AP)

““I’m right now too focused on what I’m doing to complete all the work we have ahead of us before I do step down,” Clinton said. “I am frankly looking forward to returning to living a life that enjoys a lot of simple pleasures and gives me time for family and friends and other pursuits.”

Did you see the word “no”? (Probably wise given her latest poll numbers.)

There also were questions about a notion — first floated last week by gossip columnist Michael Sneed in the Chicago Sun-Times, that former President Bill Clinton, who boasts Irish ancestry might be named ambassador to the Emerald Isle.

“It’s a perfect venue for Bill’s blarney and blather; it’s a great place to bring a hoped-for grandchild,” Sneed mused, and a “tranquil place” for Hillary “to wind down before running . . . in 2016 and he has a grateful President Obama who would do almost anything for him.”

The Irish press naturally picked up on the suggestion. While a president-to-ambassador move would be unusual, former Vice President Walter Mondale was named ambassador to Japan, President John Quincy Adams ran for Congress and William Taft went to the Supreme Court.

It appears Clinton actually took the question seriously — or at least graciously:

“I cannot comment on what President Obama might do in the second term,” she said. “Obviously it’s his decision but I would think that my husband will be here many times in the future and doing the work that he’s been doing without having to have the title of ambassador.”

Hmm. Didn’t see the word “no” there either.