(Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Wait, was that a wink?

The secretary of state, who has repeatedly said she’d like to spend the next chapter of her life out of the political limelight, maybe as a professional grandmother, on Thursday joked about her status as the most speculated-about potential 2016 candidate.

Clinton regaled the audience of a conference sponsored by the Foreign Policy Group and the State Department’s Office of Policy Planning with a story about Jake Sullivan, director of policy planning. She indicated that he had presidential potential himself: “I told my husband about this incredibly bright rising star – Rhodes Scholar, Yale Law School – and my husband said, ‘Well, if he ever learns to play the saxophone, watch out.’ ”

That got some yuks.

Then she delivered the killer line. “Now we travel all over the world together and people say how excited they are to meet a potential future president of the United States, and of course they mean Jake,” she deadpanned to the crowd’s laughter.

Can we take that as a “maybe”?