We asked, you answered: WSHT? (What should Hillary Tweet?)

The Loop proudly presents the winners of our contest to suggest what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first tweet should be. The deadline closed before Loop fans could get in any references to that run-in with bees during her recent Malawi visit, but you managed to hit all the classic Clinton-joke notes: her inveterate jet-setting, Bill, and even that famous remark about cookie-baking.

And we couldn’t help but notice that many entrants (and a few winners) came from State Department employees themselves. Seems poking fun at the boss is everyone’s favorite pastime.

The Twitter account @HRClinton has more than 45,500 followers, though her spokesman says it’s not an official account, and Twitter tells us Clinton doesn’t have a “verified”account.

Congratulations to our winners, each of whom scored a fabulous Loop T-shirt:

“Dressage! Why didn’t I think of that?” — John Meagher, Fairfax resident and the executive director of education nonprofit ReSET.

“If anyone sees Bill, ask him to pick up milk on the way home.” — Vince Morris, a staffer for the Senate Commerce Committee who lives on Capitol Hill.

“It’s 3 am. Who do you want answering your tweet?” — Pete Morelewicz, Washington graphic designer.

“@hkarzai @speres @jtalabani @aazardari Miss u guys! @SecStateGov loooonnng flight I’m wiped ttyl!” — Michael Jordan, marketing manager in Fairfax.

“Tweeting from salon seat. Finally have time to get my hair cut back to a manageable length.” — Peyton Williams, a retiree from Charlottesville, Va.

“Soooo bored of those 2016 prognosticators...Can’t a gal take a break? Looking forward to knitting baby booties...and baking cookies!” — A State Department employee from Rockville who wants to remain anonymous.

“Now that I can tweet, I wonder what diplomatic protocol is on Facebook friending Dear Leader Kim Jong Eun and Comrade Ri Sol Ju.” — Michael Gould, Washington business owner.

“Still can’t find @MLauer...” — John Brandolino, a government employee from Arlington

“Can I keep my frequent flyer miles after January?” — Robert Leventhal, a Washington resident and foreign affairs officer at the State Department.

“Putin! Merkel! Cameron! Look who’s on Twitter! Your turn, dweebs!” — Matt Neufeld, News Editor, Carroll Publishing, Bethesda.