(Saul Loeb/AP)

Clinton last month hit 100 countries, edging past former secretary Madeleine Albright’s 98-country record, then tacked on two more, Mongolia and Laos, on this latest 13-day, 27,000-mile swing, the Associated Press reported.

One Clinton staffer told the AP that the most recent itinerary — France, Afghanistan, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Egypt and Israel — was “especially absurd, even for us.” That grousing may have been the fatigue speaking.

In any event, Clinton has so far flown 843,458 miles, according to the State Department Web site, well behind Rice’s 1,059,247.

But Clinton’s most recent burst of travel has vaulted her into first place in terms of days on the road, with 351 days to Rice’s 326. After that, just a couple hundred thousand more miles and she’ll have the trifecta.

Clinton would hardly break a sweat. Her traveling staff, on the other hand . . .