All roads lead to K Street. (Jeffrey MacMillan/FOR WASHINGTON POST)

If you’re a House staffer looking to cash in on K Street, the best place on the Hill to come from is the House Financial Services Committee, which according to a new analysis by the Sunlight Foundation, saw the highest percentage of staffers become lobbyists. The panel, which oversees Wall Street, lost 12.7 percent of its staff to the “other side,” says the report, which covered 2009-2011. The committee that launched the next-most lobbyists was Judiciary (at 9 percent) and Oversight and Government Reform (8.7 percent).

The data helps track many of the Democratic staffers who left after the crushing midterm elections—of the 147 Democratic staffers who left the Hill to become lobbyists, 63 came from the offices of members who were defeated or retired in 2010.