(Susan Walsh/AP)

On Friday, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan was — or tried to be — slightly more evasive when asked what his intentions were.

Donovan, appearing on C-Span with our colleague Brady Dennis and Wall Street Journal Reporter Alan Zibel, was asked whether he “anticipated” staying on for a second term.

“I anticipate the president being able to make that decision when he’s re-elected,” Donovan said, smiling awkwardly. “It’s up to him. I’ve loved serving him,” Donovan went on, “but ultimately he’s going to decide who his team is.”

“Would you accept the invitation?” C-Span host Greta Brawner pressed.

“All I’m going to say,” Donovan said, “is I’ve loved what I’m doing. I think we’re making a real difference in families’ lives. I’m very, very happy with the work that I’m doing.”

Hmmm. . . doesn’t even rise to the level of the traditional non-denial denial. Sure sounds like he’d be very, very happy to stay.