Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman should have gotten hunting tips from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. (Joe Raedle/GETTY IMAGES)

In this morning’s news, we learn that Huntsman’s downfall might have been his lack of a killer instinct--quite literally. Our colleagues Philip Rucker and Jason Horowitz quote the former Utah governor’s younger brother relaying a story from their childhood: the younger brother liked to hunt deer and rabbits, but the elder brother apparently couldn’t bring himself to go for the kill. “He was more at peace with the rest of society,” Huntsman’s brother says.

So is willingness to shoot small animals now a job requirement for the presidency?

Elsewhere, our colleagues Paul Kane and Jon Cohen report that Congress has a truly ingenious strategy for combatting its totally dismal disapproval ratings. Now that a record 84 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a lousy job, lawmakers have decided to act boldly. . . and do less.

“In the face of public dismay, House Republicans and Senate Democrats are fashioning less far-reaching agendas for the year ahead,” Kane and Cohen say.

Sounds like a winning plan!

And Walter Pincus has a fly-on-the-wall view inside President Obama’s daily national-security meetings. And surprise, surprise, it seems that Obama would get a gold star for doing his homework. Pincus says Obama comes to the sessions having already read the “President’s Daily Brief,” a 20-25-page notebook containing information of “mind-boggling sensitivity.”