Izak is part of the blood feud that goats apparently have against politicians.

Weiner, of course, milked the situation for all it was worth.

And now, our colleague David Farenthold reports, the latest politico to face off against the creature is GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. The former Utah governor was canvassing in New Hampshire and happened to visit a family that owns a pet goat named Izak.

What happened when Jon met Izak? “He just turned around and nip-nip-nip,” the owner said. Ouch.

And the anthology of goat-bites-officials would be incomplete without a mention of the damage that the book “My Pet Goat” did to former President George W. Bush.

Elsewhere in the news, we applaud this effort by the Obama administration — reported by our colleague Ed O’Keefe — to keep its official correspondence snappy.

And our colleagues at the Reliable Source decree Rep. Michele Bachmann to be the most fashionable candidate — not that there was much competition. And now that she’s dropped out of the GOP presidential race, does that make Santorum the snazziest fashionista of the remaining bunch?