Will the First Couple stay warm this year in official inaugural tube socks? (Alex Brandon/AP)

The inauguration is now open for business.

The official online store of the presidential inaugural opened Thursday, with wares ranging from a five-buck pin depicting the limo in which President Obama will travel to a $7,500 set of silver, bronze, and gold medallions bearing the profiles of Obama and Vice President Biden (price includes a lovely “decorative display box”).

The Web site touts the merch as “the perfect way to remember an historic moment.” But forget dusty collectibles; some of the stuff for sale is downright practical: One can stay toasty while taking in the swearing-in ceremony with a pair of tube socks that read “Obama 44” ($15) or toast the event from home with a set of champagne flutes emblazoned with the inaugural seal ($30) — and there are beer and shot glasses for those who shun the bubbly.

Unsurprisingly, First Dog Bo — always a hit — is featured on some of the goods, including pins stamped with either a paw print or an image of the pup playing in the snow.

And lest anyone raise an eyebrow about outsourcing, most items are listed as “Made in the U.S.A.”