That Intern Meme

That distant clop of approaching flip-flops can mean only one thing: It’s intern season in Washington.

The hordes of fresh-faced young people will begin arriving this week at federal agencies, Hill offices and downtown firms from college campuses across the country. And in addition to fetching coffee and polishing their resumes, they’ll be providing the more seasoned residents of the city with a summer’s worth of entertainment.

The Loop’s favorite blog chronicling the antics of the intern set, Spotted: DC [Summer] Interns, is back up and running for the year as of this weekend. The site allows readers to submit the more outrageous intern-related conversations and anecdotes they witness anonymously. Mostly, they are stories of interns’ worst qualities: hubris, ignorance, laziness and hard-partying ways.

To wit, one of the early submissions involves an intern riding on a Capitol Hill elevator who informs people that the abbreviation “SD” stands for “South Dirksen.” Not exactly, the Hill veteran (and the submitter of the story) tells the intern. It means “Senate Dirksen,” the name of one of the office buildings. The know-it-all intern then “smirks” and replies, “I don’t think so because, remember, we also have ‘WH’ which means ‘West Hart.’”

Not even close, kiddo. “WH” is shorthand for “White House.”

Let the intern-watching begin!